Our School Visit - Técnicol Profesional de Guacimo
Students must take an exam to get their certificate of graduation. These are seniors studying for it. Students of agriculture have a science lab where they start various seedlings, such as bananas.
A US teacher holding banana seedlings. Look at the students' backpacks. We didn't see a book in the entire school.
This is a plantain, remember the students starting the seedlings in the lab up above? Well, this is in the field behind the school fully matured. We had to walk through a bunch of fields of cow patties. Usually the folks who are running our trip tell us when to wear closed toed shoes. Oops, guess they didn't know about the cow patties. Ha!
The students learn how to raise pigs. The piglets that are born are sold to farmers. Money raised goes to the school fund for repairs.
Students also learn about how to raise cows, they brand them and sell them for the meat. Again, any profits go to the school for necessities.
These are a type of banana that have seeds and are not edible for humans. I like how the flower hangs down.
These students are starting a pineapple field. Even if they go to work inside a pineapple plant, it is important for them to know how they grow and are cared for.
The school is starting a medicinal plants section. This is the a plant that smells like lemon. I have herbs that smell like lemon in my garden at home.
The principal of the school and a teacher. This principal had worked in business, but he now has come to help this school find a new focus, he seems to be making many positive changes.
Julio is a jokester and keeps us laughing. Here he is interpreting and adding his own little twist. We are so glad to have Julio and Isa on the trip.




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