Arrival in San Jose


As you can see San José is centrally located in Costa Rica. It has grown from a mainly agricultural city to a busy urbanized center. More than one third of the 4,000,000 Costa Ricans live in San José.

Here are some pictures from the walking tour:

Our tour guide Ellenee was great! She explained a lot about the history.
I'm pointing to a mushy tree we saw in a park. It's a cork tree.
This is a depiction of the Pope by a Costa Rican artist. The majorityof the people in Costa Rica are Catholic.
This is the National Theater. The government wants everyone to be able to attend, so many shows are one and two dollars.

This is where the Legislature works. The Costa Rican government has a president, a 20 member cabinet and 57 Legislative Assembly deputies which are elected for 4-year terms.

Here is the National Museum, it was closed, we'll visit it inside tomorrow.


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