Monteverde Reforestation Project
Blogging in Monteverde has been a bit of a challenge because we don't have wireless in our hotel. I've been coming down with a couple of friends/fellow bloggers to an internet cafe.
The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica has much more deforestation and it is where a lot of emphasis has been placed to reforest. Many birds need the corridors to travel their migratory routes from Monteverde to the Gulf of Nicoya.

This was Sophia our guide. She was great about helping us understand the reforestation needs and our part in it.
We teachers formed a tree line and transported 250 tree bags (might not sound like a lot, but it was) up a hill for pick up by a rural farmer. The Monteverde Institute provides these for free to community members willing to plant them on their land to aid in the creation of the corridor.
The view at lunch from the environmental lodge was amazing. We could see about 15 miles to the Pacific Ocean. This lodge is available to students and any other people interested in being in the area for 37 dollars per person per night, that includes three meals a day. A single group can take the lodge which sleeps about ten to fifteen people. The view is priceless!
In the afternoon we filled bags for future planting. A lot of bags!!! We were unable to plant because it is still the end of the dry season and the trees would die. Soon, around mid May, the rains will start and so will the planting.
Look at all those plants. We felt really good about all we had done, and we were tired - but at three we were off to a panel discussion. Yikes. I'll sleep well tonight.


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