Earth Day in Costa Rica

Nature Air, the first carbon neutral airlines in the world does it by:

  • Recycling. They have bins everywhere. Plus their employees bring in recycling from home
  • They lessen costs by turning off electricity and water when it doesn't need to be on
  • They reuse paper (both sides) and folders.
  • They and their employees use fabric bags and their own containers when buying take -out
  • They have improved their flight plans and flying techniques to get better fuel mileage
  • They participate in a program which pays land owners to leave their forests uncut - Fonafifo
  • Use biofuels for land vehicles
  • and more

This is Alexi Huntley. He was a very inspiring speaker. In this clip he talks about the need for education of people to make a difference in our environment.


It's hard to describe the beauty of this monument, but it is a series of pillars which sits high on a hill. Each pillar holds a white bust with a quote about peace engraved below. It was a tranquil and lovely place. The picture to the right shows our guide from the university explaining to us that on this pillar was a very important quote from a Japanese man who was in the World War. Some think of him as a war criminal and some think of him as a peacemaker. His name is Ryochi Sasakana. The quote was in Spanish, "Feliz la madre Coast Rica Pense que sabe al partir que su hijo nunca sera solado." Which I believe means roughly, "Happy the mother who gives birth in Costa Rica, she won't have to worry that her son or daughter will be a soldier." Costa Rica abolished its military in 1948.


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