May 1, 2009 ~ Last Day ~ My thanks to the staff!
Isabel (Isa) Salas Vindas - Biologist and Tour Guide. A standing ovation for Isa! She was an extremely interesting and informative tour guide who took the time to give each one of us the attention and info we needed throughout the tour. Thanks Isa! Julio Fernandez Amon - Historian and Tour Guide. Oh my gosh, both Julio's humor and passion were infectious. He's quite an entertaining person and helped to make the trip a whole lot of fun. He is also an extremely intelligent person and wonderful teacher. You're the best, Julio!

MarDestinee Perez - Institute of International Education - Mar kept us on schedule and worked hard to keep us informed about all that was going on. At the masquarada we learned that she's a great dancer too!

Mike McCartt - Institute of International Education - Really positive and intuitive to our needs, Mike was the director of the program, and an extremely good one!
Laura Parker - Institute of International Education - Laura handled a lot of the logistics stateside. She didn't get to come with us on the trip, but we appreciate all she did to make our adventure run smoothly.

Rhonda Glasscock - Toyota Motor Sales. In charge of the Toyota Educational Program, Rhonda oversaw all that happened during the trip. She is a real advocate for Toyota and for their educational initiatives.


Vicky Carazo Alfareo - Green Magic Travel ~ Vicky, a Costa Rican native, was responsible for in the country coordinating of the itinerary. Vicky is super at what she does.

Again, Thomas Dunne who is a professor at the School of Environmental Science and Management in the University of California, Santa Barbara, traveled with us over the past two weeks. He was a constant source of stimulating questions and he challenged us to rethink and analyze both our own beliefs and all the new information we were acquiring.


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