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Happy Earth Day

This first question is from my daughter:

First Name: Chrissy
Is Costa Rica Americanized at all? Have you seen any McDonalds or Starbucks?

We've seen a zillion McDonalds and other fast food restaurants!
As a matter of fact, I got you a picture. They call the drive through Auto Mac, ha! As far as the Costa Ricans being Americanized, I think they do like American apparel for sure.

First Name: Jai
Submitted Question: Which volcano will you be visiting? How close will you get to it?
Hi Jai, I will be visiting Mt. Arenal.
I'm not sure how close I'll get, check out the blog on Monday and Tuesday when I go!

First Name: Hayden
Submitted Question: How much does food and clothes cost???? What does their money look like and how is it different???
Hello Hayden. I can tell you I bought a pair of jeans today for $38 dollars at a kind of high end store. (they told us we didn't need to pack jeans, but I missed mine) I also bought a nice shirt for $12 dollars, so I'd say things are not too, too expensive. Look on our wiki page to see pictures of colones, their money.

First Name: Toni
Submitted Question: What are some of the American sports that they have there?
Hi Toni. Well it's not really American, but we play it too. The Costa Rican's love soccer and have three professional teams.

First Name: Kenny
Submitted Question: What is the difference in time zones from here to there?

Hey, Kenny. We are the same as Central Time plus an hour for daylight savings time. They don't observe daylight savings in Costa Rica, so it is two hours earlier here than in New Hampshire.

First Name: Nicolette
Submitted Question: In some of the stores in Costa Rica do the cashiers try to speak English to you or do you have a translater?

Nicolette, you keep asking good questions! In most stores the cashiers are very friendly and either speak English or make every effort to try to understand my shaky Spanish.

First Name: Josh
Submitted Question: What is the most popular type of car used for transportation in the city? Are they mostly new or used cars?

Hi Josh, I'm not sure. I'll keep an eye on it tomorrow. We'll be on the bus for five hours. Ahhhhhhhh!

Questions from Mrs. Towle's Classes

Hi Everyone. Great questions!
Submitted Question: How do the people dress there?
Pretty much like we do.
Did it rain today?
No, it's been unusually dry. All the Costa Ricans have been saying that. They are really ready for the rainy season to begin.
What have you had for food and drinks since you have been there?
Good question! They eat beans and rice in Costa Rica for almost every meal. It's getting a little old if you ask me. I'm not a fan of the food. Plus they have sweet juices at most meals.

Have you made any new friends there?
Yes I have. All the teachers are really great. We have a nice comfortable group and I enjoy their company. Also, the staff who is traveling with us: Mike, MarDestiny, and Rhonda are great.
Are the people of Costa Rica friendly to the Americans and are they excited that you are visiting?
It seems that the Costa Ricans like having us visit. They wave to us on the buses and are friendly in restaurants and stores.
Is your group all Americans or are they from other countries also?
Our group of teachers is made up of all Americans from many states.
Are there a lot of hotels there?
I've seen a bunch of hotels. We're staying at the Holiday Inn, but I've also seen other American chains. Remember Costa Rica economy is based largely on tourism.
What are the schools like? What are the hours?
I haven't been in the schools yet, but today Julio our tour guide told us that the rural schools are small and one teacher sometimes teaches all grades and subjects. The students go to school from February to December because January and part of February are coffee harvest months.
Have you been swimming?
Not yet, but we will in hot springs.
Have you seen any dolphins or whales?
No, we won't be by the ocean unfortunately.
Is there a lot of shopping?
Have you been on a boat yet?
No boats this trip.

First Name: Alina
Submitted Question: Has the weather become rainy yet? I think NH is in the rainy season!
Hi Alina. It should be here any day they say.

Submitted Question: Do they have any type of mall there???

Yes, Alina. There are a lot of Americans that live here. On the outskirts of San Jose today I saw a mall that looks like one in the US. It has big stores like Lord and Taylors. I wish I had taken a picture to show you.

First Name: Nyazia and Hector
Submitted Question: Do people in the city live in apartments or houses?

Hi Nyazia. There are a lot of houses, but I'll ask Julio tomorrow about this and get back to you.

First Name: Jocelyn & Alyssa
Did you do anything special for Earth day?
If so, what did you do?
If you could stay in Costa Rica would you?
I love your questions Jocelyn and Alyssa.
Well, you probably already read what I did today. Would I stay in Costa Rica, great question. As of right now, no. I've only been in the city and I'm not crazy about cities or the food here. But let me get back to you after I've been out into nature!

First Name: Eloisa
Submitted Question: Were there any special celebrations for Earth Day?
Hey, Eloisa. I didn't hear of any, but my day was very special.

First Name: Kimberly
Submitted Question: Are the buildings handicapped access?

Hi Kimberly. Most hotels and stores I've been in have, I think, but let me keep an eye out tomorrow and get back to you.

First Name: Sanja
Submitted Question: Are all of you that are in Costa Rica going to the same place at the same time in a group or are you splitting up?

Hi Sanja. Good question. We have four groups and we split up to do things. We all do the same things just at different times. It's easier to get our questions answered and stuff that way. We have different roomates at each place we stay.

First Name: Bekka
Submitted Question: What is your favorite part so far about Costa Rica?

Hi Bekka. So far I have loved talking to our tour guides and learning about how the people of Costa Rica think and feel about life. I've also loved all the speakers we've been learning from.

First Name: Tina
Submitted Question: Have you ever stepped on or came in contact with a snake before? Like, aren't you afraid that you might step on one and it might bite you? I would be afraid!

Hi Tina. Trust me on this one, I'm very nervous about the whole snake thing. I'll see them next week. But for now, look at the lizard I saw today. Isa told me it was called an Ameiva.

First Name: Sue
Submitted Question: Hi Sue,
How is everything going? How is the food in Costa Rica? Anything in particular you enjoy eating? How about the coffee? Have you met Juan Valdez? Oh, I forgot I think he's from Columbia. Take care.

I'm not really crazy about the food, Sue. Too many carbs!!! And hey, I haven't met Juan as yet, but I did have an espresso today - needed it to stay awake -we sure are on the go.

First Name: Nyazia
Submitted Question: Is it random for people to give out $271 to people?

Good one, Nyazia, shows you're paying attention!! I wondered the same thing and wondered if anyone else would pick up on it. Ha! I think that they had a whole big amount that they could give all of us and they divided the money by 25 and it worked out to $271.

Thanks for the questions you all!



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