Blog questions and answers 4/26/09

First Name: Sanja
Submitted Question: Do you stay outside the whole day usually? Does your legs ever get tired?
Hi, Sanja. We spend a good deal of time outside each day which is a okay with me. I love hearing the birds and spotting monkeys and other animals. My legs haven't gotten tired yet, we'll see what happens on Monday when we hike Arenal and I zipline through the canopy. By the way - here's a video of a howler monkey we saw yesterday. Isa told us that in the life of a howler monkey young females and males both spend some time kicked out of their group and are solitary animals. This is usually for a year or two around their teenage years. They become very strong during this time because it is difficult to be an animal alone in the rainforest; they are very vulnerable to being attacked or eaten. Eventually they find a mate and start their own group or fight to become part of an established group. OK, so here's the video.

First Name: Sedina
Submitted Question: If you ever go on top of one of their mountains tell me how the view is up there!
Hola Sedina. Will do! As a matter of fact I'm hiking the volcano today and I'll take pictures and videos so you can see the view.

First Name: Kathy
Submitted Question: How many students are at the "technical" school? I'm assuming there are various types of schools, right? Are there any schools that are at all similar to those in the US?
It sure sounds as if you are all on the go ALL the time - when do you have a chance to blog? Again, we are all enjoying (and learning!) from your adventure...amazing!
Hola Qué tal Kathy. I haven't seen any schools similar to the US as yet. However, there are many private schools, some run by foreigners such as an English School, German School, etc. They are funded by private sources and may be more like American schools. We will be visiting another school in the Monteverde Cloud Forest in a couple days, so stay posted!

First Name: Jean
Submitted Question: Hi-- Still following you. When students continue on after 6th grade at the technical school, is it tuition free? Also, you said that there weren't any books, are all supplies pretty sparse, no library of any kind, or technology? How about at Earth University--is it more conventional in terms higher education?
Hi Jeannie, good to hear from you! The public schools, which the technical school is, are all free and accept everyone. Since many people drop out at 6th grade, the students who stay definitely want to learn. Earth University is set up like somewhat like a typical university but there are some very unique things that go on there. For example, students have to create and manage a sustainable business in their third year to prepare them for going out into their communities and teaching sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

First Name: Chrissy
Submitted Question: Hey Mom! Here in Vegas we can feel how much more intense the sun is than in Boston. Is it the same in Costa Rica? Are you getting a nice tan?
Hi Chrissy, we are near to the equator which makes the sun very hot. I am very careful about wearing my hat and using lots of sunscreen. Today at the volcano is supposed to be the hottest yet, so I plan to dress in long pants, wear my hat and use lots of sunscreen. Unfortunately I'm too worried about burning to get a tan.


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