Blog questions and answers 4/24/09

First Name: Jesse
Where are you from: Brooklyn, New York City, USA
I'm loving your trip blog! I have so many questions, but one that sticks out is about the music. When I was in Costa Rica several years ago, all the radio stations were playing Reggaeton. What kind of music are you hearing there? Have you seen any live performances?
Also, have you had a chance to taste the Costa Rican coffee? It's world-famous!
Hi Jesse. We haven't had a lot of time to do much listening to music, the radio hasn't been picking up a station in the remote places we've been. Tonight though we went out to dinner and were treated to a band and masquerade. My roomate, a Spanish teacher, told me this is something they traditionally do in Spain in parades. It's also a traditional Costa Rican music festivity. It includes four characters usually, the Devil, Death, the Witch, and a Dwarf.They are called Cimarrona and Mascarada? Here's the video.

First Name: Kayla
Submitted Question: Have you seen any strange or unusual animals yet?
I saw an iquana today! It was about three feet long. Can you find it in this picture, Kayla?

First Name: Zena
Submitted Question: How does it smell there?
It smells great! Julio always says, isn't it amazing that in the forest it doesn't have a bad odor, after all there are animal droppings and animals dying. The rainforest and all it's creatures are so interdependent that any decomposition is quickly taken care of. The forest keeps itself clean.

First Name: Kayla and Miranda
Submitted Question: July 29,1968 is the most recent eruption
Nicely done girls!

First Name: Mrs. Schwalbe
Submitted Question: Hi Ms. MacNicoll! I am anxious to hear about the schools in Costa Rica and of course, I would like to know about any music that they teach. Do they have a chorus? Have you gotten to hear some good local music?
Hi Barb! As you can see I went in the schools today. Check out the pictures. And did you see the music up above?

First Name: Sanja
Submitted Question: Whats your favorite thing about the trip so far?
Hi Sanja. I have loved the last few days being out in the countyside and hearing the sounds of natures...the crickets, the birds, the wind and rain. Beautiful!

First Name: Aunt Jennie
We found your blog. Have you gone swimming at any of the pristine beaches we hear about?
Hi Aunt Jennie. Unfortunately we won't be going to the beaches. I will to take a dip in a hotspring though by the Arenal Volcano. Yea!


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