Blog questions and answers 4/23/09

First Name: Mrs. Connors
Submitted Question: Pura Vida!!!

Thanks for the Lonely Planet Guide Book To Costa Rica you lent me Mrs. Connors - it’s GREAT and I’ve been using it a lot. By the way everyone - Pura Vida is a phrase mostly heard in Costa Rica that roughly translates to "enjoy life" or "live life to the fullest."

Submitted Question: How are you being "transported" to all the places you are visiting?
What is the air quality?
Have the cities been relatively clean?

Here’s a picture of our bus. I think San Jose was fairly clean, and I do know they make an effort by picking up trash everynight and washing the streets. The countryside homes often look like they need repair, but they are clean all with sparkling tile entry ways. The air quality is wonderful, especially in the rain forest. My ever present sinus problems seem to be on vacation. YEA!

First Name: Aline
Submitted Question: Do Costa Ricians have diffrent holidays then us?
Hope your having funn :]

Thanks, Aline. I’ll ask around about Costa Rican holidays. Thanks for the question.

First Name: Anja
Submitted Question: What are you most excited to do in Costa Rica? Have you done anything you didn't like?

Hi Anja, good to hear from you. I’m most excited to go to the Cloud Forest next week in Monteverde. I want to see lots of Flora and Fauna. I didn’t really like being in San Jose. I’m not a city person, and there is crime there so it was a little scary.

First Name: Mrs.Frisella
Hope all is well with you and that you are having a great time! I want to know what people do for art work. I noticed some stonework in some of the backgrounds of your pictures. Do they do a lot of sculptor? Do some of the paints, that might be made, come from the minerals in their soil? or dyed from their plant life? Just wondering!

Hi Mrs. Frisella, these are all good questions and I will ask the tour guides about them and get back to you.

First Name: Megan
Submitted Question:
Do the cars ride on the same side of the street going in the same direction or different direction?

Hi Megan, The cars ride in the same direction as we do, but on the long windy roads in the country it’s a little scary because the roads are narrow and it looks like you’re going to hit!

First Name: Alina
Submitted Question: If you had a chance to live in Costa Rica would you? Do you like it there?

Hello again, Alina. Now that I’m out of the city I’m thinking I could live here. The mountains, the rainforests, the peace and tranquility, it is lovely.

First Name: Mohamed Mohamed
Submitted Question: do they have an dog or cat for a pet.

Hi Mohammed. Yes, they do have cats and dogs as pets. I have seen a lot of dogs in the city and countryside - not on leashes.

First Name: Andrew
Submitted Question: Would you have ever gone to the University of Peace?

I think it’s a great idea, but to tell you the truth - Earth University sounds like something I’d love. I think I would love to be in agriculture. Watch the blog for updates on Earth University.

First Name: Miranda and Kayla
Submitted Question: When was the last time the volcano that you are visiting exploded?

Hi Miranda and Kayla. I don’t know, could you look that up online and send me that info?

First Name: Hayden
Submitted Question: How many grades are there in Costa Rican schools and are there two different schools for k-5 and 6-8, 9-11??????

I’m going to the schools on Friday, so I’ll let you know.

First Name: Ellie
Have you seen any snakes? Love, Mom

No snakes yet, Mom. Now that we’re out in the country, there should be tons of spottings. I’ll take pictures.

First Name: Gerald
How are you doing in Costa Rica?

Hi Gerald, I’m doing great. I love learning about another country, and we’re being treated to a ton of great experiences. Everyone should find a way to travel the world!

First Name: Gage
Submitted Question: are the cops down in Costa Rica the same as ours? Do they dress differently? Do they use different cars?

Hi Gage. The police walk the beat in San Jose. I did notice that they sometimes carry big rifles. That made me a little nervous.

First Name: Carlos
Submitted Question: Hey Ms. Mac, whats up? It’s wierd without u here I can’t wait for u to come back. Hows Costa Rica going. I wish I could be there, the weather is probobly a lot better.

I love Costa Rica, but I miss you all too, Carlos. Have a great vacation everyone!



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